Daniele Viggiano

10 dicembre 2022

Se non ci fossimo rivolti a lui, il nostro amatissimo pesce rosso oggi non sarebbe qui con noi.
Persona straordinariamente competente, di grande professionalità e umanità. Sempre disponibile, a partire dalla consulenza iniziale, fino al delicato intervento chirurgico eseguito tempestivamente, ci ha fornito tutto il supporto di cui avevamo bisogno e a lui va tutta la nostra gratitudine.
Ha reso possibile ciò che noi, ormai ritenevamo impossibile.
Grazie di cuore, Dottore.

Giovanna Bacchin

Thank you for your professionalism and expertise.
Your intervention was instrumental in healing "Fonzie".
He is doing great today!!!
I have changed them radically 🌿the nutrition 👍🏻.
Thank you

Elena Lomolino

I must sincerely thank the fish veterinarian Marcello Balzaretti,he was very helpful and supportive,all the times we needed advice for our goldfish,both on Saturday and Sunday,in the evening,all the times we needed his valuable advice. A heartfelt thank you from all of us! Elena Lomolino.

Edoardo Bianco

May 31, 2021 Everything is great here--spots gone from all of them.

Thank you again.

Carolina Lidia Facchi

May 10, 2021 With great professionalism and expertise, veterinarian Balzaretti was able to give us advice and guidelines both for treating our Astronotus from the hole in the head disease and for aquarium management in general! After the consultation, he also followed us throughout the recovery period answering questions and checking the fish's health status!

Achille Cappiello

April 18, 2021 Dear Dr. Balzaretti, I wanted to thank you for your advice, which had the desired effect. The little fish is doing great and is in a great mood. Good evening, Achille Cappiello

Sara Dona'

Dec. 24, 2020: Impeccable care and counseling for Argulus infestation and subsequent bladder inflammation.

Cristina Pagnozzi

Oct 13, 2020: A serious professional, very kind and ready to meet the needs of his patients. Passion combined with kindness, preparation and professionalism. Absolutely highly recommended.

Pierluigi Briasco

Feb 24, 2020 The great professionalism, competence, seriousness and his courtesy.

Roberto Carboni

February 5, 2020: As a fish biologist, I can only recommend these professional services in an environment of approximates who treat by chance and medicate by feel